• Stephen Washkevich

    The views of Stephen come filtered through my four person two cat family that currently resides in Williamsville, VT. I suppose first is me (they call me papa), and I’ll be thirty when the next presidential election happens. I’ve spent the last seven years working in the thin film filters business filling various roles, from production on through helping our marketing team, but currently I work in IT helping keep all the data safe, the mice working and the servers running, sometimes with the mice. I love movies, anime is a favorite genre of mine and my family’s, playing Magic: The Gathering with my friends when I can, listening to podcasts and hiking whenever I can. I had plans to become a librarian (so, yeah I love books too), but those are on hold, and I’m currently trying to figure out how to open my own movie theater in Brattleboro, VT, any ideas?

    Next we have my wife, Melody who brought the boys into my life, and in doing so completely changed me, and all for the better. She is a wonderful woman and truly my heart and soul. We’re going to be celebrating our second anniversary this winter. Melody brought with her my next exhibit…

    Maddox, five going on…who knows? I’ve been a part of Maddox’s life since he was about three, and I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t love him. Sometimes, more often than we’d like to admit, we meet people and when they find out Maddox is our son we get the, “Oh! You’re Maddox’s parents?! He’s so great!” We’re very lucky to have such an intelligent and gentle young man. He is our little dark child, olive toned with big brown black eyes he loves Pokemon, Batman and playing Soccer.

    Last, we have Felix who couldn’t wait to get here so he came six weeks early in the fall of 2011. Right now he is about fourteen months old, strong as an ox, busy creating his own language and sooooo close to walking it hurts. Everyone loves him too, they all say he has the best disposition and that I’m a very lucky man to have such great kids. I won’t deny it he really is that happy all the time, and only complains when he’s got a good reason. He likes putting things in his mouth, yelling incomprehensible babble at passersby and the basketball we have that also serves as a globe.

    Oh, and of course, Super-Hero the cat and Paiger his spiritual sister, two of the best felines I’ve ever met, Super lets the boys throw him around with no resentment, and Paiger,…Paiger is more demure, but every bit as key to our family.