• Matt Schibley

    I am a first time dad and proud papa of a baby boy named Jack. I am very excited to speak about being a dad, issues in our community and provide hopefully useful information to inquiring dads.

    I believe that dads these days have such a great opportunity and that the role of dad has changed greatly in the past few decades, which means that the previously held beliefs, stereotypes and approaches must be critically challenged. We are not your “Mad Men” era dads who are the primary source of income for our family, who come home just to eat dinner and show up to the ball games on the weekends if the weather is nice. We are changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, using Moby wraps, talking, playing and influencing the lives of our children on a daily basis.

    Jill, my wife, and I have lived in West Chesterfield, NH for just over one year, previously having been residents of Brattleboro, VT for about six years. I attended college at Saint Michael’s near Burlington, VT as well as Antioch University in Keene, NH. I am proud to say that I work for two great companies in Brattleboro, Fireworks Restaurant and the Brattleboro Retreat. At the Retreat I help kids and their families who are struggling with significant psychological issues find the strength they need to overcome problems and enjoy happy, healthy and productive lives. Additionally, I get to work with the other end of my spine while I indulge another passion of mine at Fireworks Restaurant. Here I get to enjoy being a waiter, meeting new people and eating great food! You might just see me walking around downtown Brattleboro sometime with my family on the weekends as we love to get out stretch our legs and support local business.